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Holiday TripsCanoeing summer camp in Sweden

Canoeing summer camp in Sweden

Plus 2 days preparation on the Lahn

Sweden, in the country of the midnight sun, Vikings and moose we will be in the warmest and the most picturesque area of Sweden: Värmland.
This area which inspired Edvard Grieg to compose the “morning mood” for the Peer Gynt Suite, is a conglomerate of lakes, islands and rivers surrounded by forests the habitat of bears, wolves (which however I have never seen!) and beavers. Värmland is located to the east of the Norwegian border, 120km south-east of Oslo.

We will move from island to island in canoes and have all our required equipment and food with us. The excitement grows during the day as we look for a suitable camping place with a lovely bay to swim in and watch the sunset.

In the beginning moving in a canoe maybe new for some of you but after a week it will be as natural for you as for the Swedes.
We will have two canoeing groups, one canoeing a round trip about 65 km and one around the banks of the lake Foxen about 50km.

Included in this trip is

    2 day canoe preparation trip on the river Lahn (near Limburg) prior to the Sweden trip

  •     Travel to and from Sweden: June 25th starting from FIS at 5am with         the bus  to Kiel, ferry ColorLine to Oslo (4-bed-cabins and meals)                                      
  •     Oslo: Visit the Vikingship museum
        Depart Oslo 2pm and arrive Gunnerud (arrival 4pm)
  •     Returning to FIS on July 4th at ETA 4pm (same kind of transportation         as  outward journey)                                                                                                  
  •     All canoeing and camping equipment (safety jackets, tents, stoves etc.)
  •     Food and drinks
  •     Experienced canoe and outdoor guides who speak English and                  German  lus  a chaperone from the FIS                                                                                       
  •     A detailed ‘check list’ of clothing and equipment required will be                handed  out after the pre-tour briefing by David Blackall


Costs of this trip

- € ? (minimum 25pupils)
Es Handelt sich um eine Reiseleistung nach § 25 UStG